513 Course Description

EDTECH 513 is an elective course in the Master of Educational Technology program at Boise State University. The following course description and objectives have been taken from the EDTECH 513 syllabus, Spring semester 2011:

Course Description:

Research-based principles of multimedia learning are combined with technical skills of multimedia production to produce a series of digital multimedia projects for classroom and online applications.

Course Objectives:

• apply design principles which specify optimal conditions for learning;
• demonstrate personal skill development using software applications of your choice;
• apply principles of multimedia learning to the development of instructional messages specific to the learning task;
• identify appropriate media to produce effective learning environments using technology resources;
• create audio/video instructional materials which use computer-based technologies;
• apply authoring tools to create effective hypermedia/multimedia instructional materials or products;
• develop instructional materials and products for various distance education delivery technologies; and
• identify and apply copyright and fair use guidelines within practice.

Each menu tab will be a direct link to the projects developed throughout the semester in EDTECH 513.

The order of projects will be as followed:

1. Multimedia Instruction: February 22

2. Podcast: March 22

3. Coherence Analysis: March 29

4. Digital Story: April 26

5. Screen casting: May 4

More information about the EDTECH program at Boise State University can be found at http://edtech.boisestate.edu/

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About My EDTECH 513 Blog

Welcome to my EDTECH 513 Blog! I am Steven Poast, a graduate student currently in my final semester at Boise State University where I am completing my Master of Educational Technology degree.

This blog will serve as the host for my multimedia projects in EDTECH 513. Please check back regularly to see what I have done and what I am working on.

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